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Off-Page SEO:Everything You Need to Know about

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Site optimization involves a complex of works to achieve high positions in search results and attract high-quality traffic. All works are divided into on-page and off page SEO. On-page SEO is aimed at improving the site: eliminating technical errors, and working with navigation, usability, and content. Off site SEO is aimed at obtaining high-quality backlinks and improving the site’s visibility in the network.

Both types of SEO are essential. If you carry out only off-site work and attract users to the site without on-page optimization, you’ll get high traffic but no conversion. Confused navigation, slow work speed, or over-optimized texts will scare away visitors, and they will quickly leave the site. If you only do internal optimization, traffic growth and getting to the top will be slow. You will have an excellent resource that no one visits. Let’s find out what is off page seo and how to apply it correctly.

What Is Off Page Site Optimization?

Off page SEO is everything you do for the site’s reputation outside of it. According to this criterion, search engines conclude the quality of the site. The logic of the algorithms is simple: each link is a recommendation, and the more reliable the resource recommending your site is, the greater the transmitted value and weight of the link.

There are four main elements of off-page SEO:

  1. Presentation of the site in search results;
  2. Site reputation;
  3. External links;
  4. Social signals.

Each point is a group of factors. To achieve a noticeable result, you need to work with each group. We recommend conducting a comprehensive SEO audit to identify weak points and build a work order. We will consider each fact of off page optimizataion in detail.

Site Presentation in Search Results and Reviews

Promoting the site to the top of Google is only half the success. It is necessary to make it so that the link from the search results is clicked. Your link should be noticeable, attractive, and understandable for your audience.

One of the factors affecting the site’s position is CTR which is the clickthrough rate. The more attractive the snippet, the higher the chance of clicking on the link. It can influence how the user will see your site in the output. For this, you need the following:

  • Correctly fill in the Title and Description metatags: include the search request, UTP, city, and prices.
  • Add a favicon – a recognizable corporate-style icon next to the site name in the snippet.
  • Link the site with Google My Business services – information about the organization (contacts, reviews) can be included in the snippet.

Work With a Reputation on the Internet

As in life, online reputation is essential. You can create it on your website in two ways: by increasing brand traffic and through reviews.


When working on offpage SEO, it is difficult to overestimate the role of reviews. They are oriented not only by users but also by search systems. Sites that receive positive reviews are more trustworthy and have a higher chance of appearing in the top search results. In addition, a positive reputation in the network leads to an improvement in conversion. Users return to the site, which positively affects the behavioral factors of ranking.

Reviews that users leave about your site on search engine services and external authoritative resources (social networks, feedback services, booking, and others) are essential for off page optimization.

There are four effective ways to make the client write about you:

  1. Cause a sincere desire – offer a product of such quality that you want to write reviews and tell everyone about it;
  2. Just ask – surprisingly, a simple appeal to leave a review still works well;
  3. Hold an interactive session with prizes – offer a gift (better if it is a company product) for the most exciting review;
  4. Offer a discount – a small bonus will be another incentive to leave feedback.

Activity on Social Networks

With the spread of social networks, search engines also began to pay attention to this factor. Your activity is considered when ranking the site in the output.

Search systems take into account two parameters:

  • the company’s accounts on social networks;
  • links to your site from social networks.

How to Work with Backlinks

According to search engines, one of the most important signs of a quality site is the presence of links from other sites or backlinks. When working with links, you need to consider their quantity and quality. According to off-page link-building service, the more sites link to yours, the higher the trust of search engines. But at the same time, donor sites must be authoritative and not be seen as selling links. You can find comprehensive guidance on link-building techniques by referring to our blog article.

Signs of quality backlinks, according to Google:

  • the information posted on the donor site is moderated;
  • convenient navigation on the donor site;
  • the content refers to authoritative sources and industry leaders;
  • there are no grammatical errors in the name of the donor site. Users easily perceive it;
  • there are no ads on the pages that interfere with perception.

These factors affect not only how people perceive the site but also the site’s ranking in the search results. A beautiful snippet improves clickability, which is considered by search algorithms.

Top 6 Ways to Get Links:

  1. Guest articles – placing information about your service on other platforms.
  2. Answers to questions – there are many resources where users ask questions, and you can give them a response on your topic and invite them to the site.
  3. Topical publications are often reposted, referring to the source.
  4. Free useful software/checklist/tool ​​- people love a benefit, and when they don’t have to pay for it, they quickly spread the resource.
  5. Contests and promotions – offer a gift for a repost, this will motivate people, and you will receive links.
  6. You post a positive review about another site, which links to you in return.

What Are Backlinks Useful for?

Search systems have a certain level of trust for each site. It depends on factors of both on-page and off-page optimization. High-quality backlinks at the resource signals search engines that the site is an authoritative source, and trust in it grows. This can also be explained by the fact that the referring domain somehow transfers part of its weight to the acceptor site.

If you take the TOP-10 search results for a competitive request and analyze the resources, it will become clear that absolutely all of them have backlinks.

At the same time, permitted or prohibited link-building methods could be used to form a profile, conditionally divided into three:

  • the white hat method is a reference profile obtained exclusively naturally;
  • gray hat method – purchase of backlinks on stock exchanges, outreach;
  • the black hat method is an automatic hack through a script with a high insertion speed and a low cost. As a result, the resource receives many links of relatively low quality. This method is risky because it may involve the imposition of filters.

How to Increase the Link Mass of the Site?

There are quite a few external optimization methods. Purchasing links on exchanges is one of the main ways of building link mass. However, as mentioned earlier, search engine algorithms have become more complex, so this method has several nuances.

The main thing to pay attention to is the growth rate of the link mass. External optimization through link exchanges should be carried out gradually. The main goal is to make the growth of the link mass natural. Therefore, pay much attention to the link exchange and donor site requirements. Here it is necessary to make the right choice since the success of optimization will depend on the quality of these resources.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Exchange

When choosing an exchange, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Correspondence to the topic and region. It is essential that the exchange has the same subject as the promoted site. The language and region in which the exchange operates are also important.
  • High attendance. Exchanges with zero traffic will not bring any benefit. Therefore, off-page SEO must ensure that it is active and has visitors. In this case, you must pay attention to the latest content updates.
  •  Many backlinks. Many exchanges have turned into a dump of links. These are not suitable for successful SEO. Therefore, it is necessary to refer to topics with minor external links.
  • Registration in aggregators. This is one of the signs of the quality of the link exchange. In addition, there are more visitors to such resources, so there will be more traffic.

Essential Requirements for High-Quality Donor Sites

As for donor sites, they should also be of the highest quality and authority from the point of view of search engines. The following essential requirements can be identified for them:

  • High attendance. The higher the attendance at the donor site, the better. This, first of all, will affect the weight of each link. And secondly, more popular sites can bring new users to your site.
  • Level of trust in search systems. This indicator directly affects the success of offsite SEO. Therefore, it should be checked separately. This can be done with the help of special services. Serpstat is perfect for this purpose.
  • Absence of sanctions and filters. If the donor site is suspicious from the point of view of search engines, then an external link to your site can significantly harm further promotion.
  • Correspondence to the subject. Placing links to resources similar in subject matter looks more natural.
  • If the donor site has too many backlinks from third-party sites, the weight of your link will be significantly lower. In addition, posting on such resources may result in sanctions.

In addition to increasing the link mass through exchanges and site donors, it is worth paying attention to natural external optimization methods. They take more time, but there are no risks of sanctions or search engine filters.


Although the site’s link mass is losing its importance for search engines, it is still an important ranking factor that should be used when promoting a site in search results. What is off site seo most crucial thing?The most important thing to remember is that off site optimization should look as natural as possible. If you follow all the recommendations and take time, your site will quickly reach the first position in the search results.

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